Thursday, May 20, 2010

Orange Pineapple Cake

I ran across this recipe for orange-pineapple cake a few months ago and had been meaning to make it for a while, but kept forgetting about it (so many recipes, so little time!).

Last night, I decided to just make it, and if people seemed to like it, add it to the rotation of cakes served up at St. Josaphat's during church dinners, parties or luncheons.

It wasn't a hard recipe, but as is always the case, the trick is having ALL of the ingredients on hand. A stop at my neighborhood Kroger insured that I had everything that was needed.

An interesting note about the cake batter - no oil or fat added. It did call for a half-cup of applesauce and an 11oz can of mandarin oranges (including syrup) as well as four egg whites. The cake was light but moist and orangey. The topping was a breeze - CoolWhip, a can of crush pineapple (un-drained) and a package of vanilla pudding.

I served it up this afternoon with a pot of piping hot coffee and we all took a mid-afternoon cake break. I vote that we make this a daily thing.

Many thanks to food-porn photog extraordinaire Liza Lagman-Sperl who makes everything look even more luscious than it really is for her wonderful pictures. Check them all out at:


  1. I like this arrangement! You cook/bake, and I get to eat the results - visually and in actuality! ^_^

  2. Cake Break should be part of everryone's vocabulary and routine.
    Coffee Pot Porn is next - you have so many and Liza's pix are incredible.