Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eating On The Road - Day 4: Blue Moon & Biscuit Bonanza

The Ron, a Mary B, Tootie and Golden Eagle. That was breakfast yesterday morning in Charleston, West Virginia. Say whaaaaa?

Ralph has a beautiful, sweet sister - Christina - who lives in Charleston. She owns and operates the Blue Moon Cafe. Over the years, she has run a number of restaurants and bars in Charleston, and we stayed with her during our stop in this capital city of West Virginia. Christina is up and out early in the morning to get the Blue Moon ready for the lunch crowd, so Ralph and I thought we'd stop and get breakfast somewhere. (Pictured: Christina's Blue Moon Cafe in downtown Charleston)

Now, years ago, Ralph lived in West Virginia for a while and helped his sister by working in one of her restaurants. So, he's very fond of Charleston and has a lot of memories here. One of those fit right in for our need to have a nice southern breakfast. We saw a Tudor's Biscuit World, a regional chain of restaurants that feature, among other things, big, tender, tasty biscuits. (Pictured: Inside the Blue Moon Cafe, Christina gets ready for the lunch rush)

For breakfast, the have these enormous biscuit sandwiches with all kinds of things on them. Most of them have an egg, some have bacon, ham, sausage, hash browns, cheese and a host of other delicious, fattening choices. Each biscuit has a name, and I'm sure there's a story behind each one. I'd love to hear why one of my sandwiches was called a "Tootie" or one of Ralph's was called a "Mary B." Whatever you call them, these things make an Egg McMuffin look like something you'd get out of a bus station vending machine. These were southern eating at it's best: full of flavor, big portions, and honest straight-forward food that makes you feel good when you're eating it! (Pictured top: The "Mary B" - egg, cheese and lots of bacon. Pictured bottom: The "Golden Eagle" - Canadian bacon, hash browns, cheese and an egg. An entire breakfast on a biscuit.)

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